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Kuchipudi by Sandhya Raju

  • sañcarad-adhara-sudha-madhura-dhvani-mukharita-mohana-vamsham | chalita-dg-añcala-chañcala-mauli-kapola-vilola-vatasam | rase harimihavihita-vilasam smarati mano mama kruta-parihasam ||dhruva-pada||1|| “Sakhé! How astonishing it is that in this räsa festival, Madhuripu has abandoned Me and He is roguishly amusing Himself with other alluring girls. Despite this, again and again I remember Him in My heart. He fills the flute resting in His lotus hands with the nectar of His lips, nectar that streams forth as a sweet suggestive melody. When He glances flirtatiously from the corners of His eyes, His jewelled headdress quivers as His earrings swing against His cheeks. “Over and over I remember Hari’s attractive dark complexion, His laughter and His amusing behaviour.”
  • vipula-pulaka-bhuja-pallava-valayita, vallava-yuvati-sahasram | kara-charanorasimani-gana-bhushana, kirana-vibhinna-tamishram(rase harimiha) ||4|| “The hairs on Hari’s entire body rise up in joy when, with His arms as delicate as new blossoms, He tightly embraces thousands upon thousands of youthful gopis. The rays of light emitted by the jewelled ornaments on His hands, feet and chest illuminate all directions. I cannot help thinking about Him.”
  • sri-jayadeva-bhanitamatisundara, mohana-madhu-ripu-rupam | hari-charanam-smaranampratisamprati, punyavatamanurupam (rase harimihavihita-vilasam..) ||8|| Sri Jayadeva has presented this poem for those fortunate persons devoted to the service of Bhagavan. It describes the spell-binding beauty of Krishna’s form. It is the very embodiment of remembrance of Sri Hari’s lotus feet and it should be relished after taking complete shelter of the primary rasa of pure bhakti.