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Odissi by Padma Vibhushan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra

  • pasyatidisidisirahasibhavantam | tvad-adhara-madhura-madhunipibantam ||1|| natha hare sidatiradha vasa-ghe ||dhruvapada || “O Hari, you are her only refuge. Sri Radha is sinking to the depths of despair in the trysting place. She is in agony. In all directions and in the core of her heart, she sees you who are so skilful in drinking the sweet nectar of her lips.”
  • tvad-abhisaraa-rabhasenavalanti | patatipadanikiyanticalanti ||2||“Rushing in her haste to meet you, she stumbles after a few steps & falls down”.
  • vihita-visada-bisa-kisalaya-valaya | jivati param iha tava rati-kalaya ||3||“She puts on bangles, a sash, rings, armlets, necklaces and other ornaments made of spotless white lotus-fibres and freshly sprouted leaves. She is living only in the hope’s of being with you again.”.
  • bhavativilambinivigalita-lajja | vilapatiroditivasaka-sajja ||7|| “When Radha returns to external consciousness and realizes that you have still not arrived, she loses all bashfulness and begins to weep out loud.”